Tired of bowing down to those nasty little voices in your head that make you feel out of touch with yourself?

It's time for a little transformation.

And by transformation we aren't talking about repeating a gazillion affirmations and hoping all works out for the best.

Because let's be honest, we've all been there and done that.

It doesn't work.

We are talking about doing the spiritual and practical work to connect you with your inner strength, from an informed place, in a way that will bring you lasting change not a fleeting fuzzy feeling. 

If you know that the pace you are going is not sustainable (thank you, 2020):

You lack energy and the burnout is real 

You believe that if you don't do everything nothing will get done  

You feel guilty about taking time to nourish yourself 

You struggle with setting boundaries 

You keep trying to fit into a one size fits all social mentality even though your soul is telling you to stop that....right now. 

Then Woo For The Practical Woman is for YOU

Woo for the Practical Woman

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"Tiffany's warmth, strength, and leadership is magnetic and created a truly unique experience for me. She has an incredible ability to read people and guide them through their individual experience, while keeping the group engaged and connected."

Gail M

Student and retreat participant

From the start, Suset has demonstrated an unflappable ability to provide advice and general guidance professionally and personally---especially as I navigated the rough tides of healing from complex trauma. Her lens is informed by life experience, an Ivy-league education, trial and error in love and life and this is poured into her approach every step of the way.
Gabriela S

Mentee and 1-1 Coaching

Meet Your Instructors 

Suset Laboy

Suset is an Empowerment Coach and the founder of A Little Awareness. Ivy League educated with a Ph.D. in the social sciences, Suset works with ambitious women whose enthusiasm has led them to success, but also burnout. She helps them quit the hustle mindset and bring ease into their life, a small step at a time. 

Tiffany Grimm

Tiffany is a public speaker, accountability coach, founder of Mothers Moving Mountains and Director of Recovery for EXOS. With a background in sports medicine and over 20 years in the wellness industry, Tiffany has a passion for women's performance, leads retreats and thrives on empowering others to see their greatness...Full bio here

“Thanks to Suset’s guidance and support I have learned how to better identify the true source of stress and discomfort in my environment, to become more attuned to how it impacts my emotional state, and to stay more positive while navigating through life’s ups and downs...Suset has helped me develop practical and actionable tools that allow me to both practice self-love and show more compassion to those around me. With the program I've been able to release limiting beliefs about what I could be and began opening up to dreams that have been always there waiting for me to 'wake up' to them.

Yari P

1-1 Coaching 

"With Tiffany's guidance, I searched my soul to find what is holding me back from achieving my highest potential.  Not only did she facilitate the identification of my roadblocks, but she worked me through the tools and accountability to take action!  The connection with Tiffany and the other women was heartfelt.  I have forged lifelong friendships and support." 

Paula J.

Student and retreat participant 


We can't wait to welcome a new group of brilliant women in FALL 2021 and support you in intentionally crossing the threshold to take on life with grace and sovereignty, with fierce commitment to yourself.