Tired of bowing down to those nasty little voices in your head that make you feel out of touch with yourself?

It's time for a little transformation.

Life is getting back to normal-ish (is it?), in theory: 

  • You are a successful woman, on the outside 
  • You pride yourself in being there for everything and everyone
  • You are the ultimate multitasker
  • You are responsible and get shite done 
  • You work hard to thrive in all areas of your life 
  • When people ask how you are, you're okay.

Yet, in reality, you know that the pace you have been going is not sustainable:

  • You lack energy and the burnout is real 
  • You believe that if you don't do everything nothing will get done 
  • You feel guilty about taking time to nourish yourself 
  • You struggle with setting boundaries 
  • You dream of being more than just okay
  • You keep trying to fit into a one size fits all social mentality even though your soul is telling you to stop that....right now. 

And where does this all leave you?

You may be experiencing a deep sense of disconnect from your own needs and from others as a result.

You feel unsupported, frustrated and burnt out. At the end of the day, both your brain and body are fried.

You don't see any way out of this cycle, other than to force, push, struggle to make things happen.

You know what might help unhook you from these sabotaging patterns? 

align YOUR innerself

 Develop the habits that allow you to be in alignment and flow between your inner being and the outside world.

Develop resources

Learn the knowledge and tools that help you integrate your woo spiritual side and your practical 'get-er-done' side.  


Create the boundaries you need to sustain change and live life from your place of unlimited potential.

And by transformation we aren't talking about reciting a gazillion affirmations and hoping all works out for the best.

Because let's be honest, we've all been there and done that.

It doesn't work.

We are talking about doing the spiritual and practical work to connect you with your inner strength, from an informed place, in a way that will bring you lasting change not a fleeting fuzzy feeling. 

What will help you get there? 

You get to choose your path forward
(and we have an idea of how to help)

Woo For the Practical Woman

The no excuses path to releasing old stories and activating your power

Woo for the Practical Woman is a 10-week course that will lead you to learn, practice and execute the habits that lead to sustainable change. You will connect directly with your feminine power and build inner strength and resilience.

"This program brought so much clarity for me in this stage of my life and allowed me to shift my mindset into living with intention and purpose. I loved having a group of women in a similar space to connect/grow with. Extremely empowering, transformational work that renewed my spirit in knowing others in the world have similar intentions and shared interest in showing up as their most authentic selves.  

Thank you both for leading to the path that brought on real transformation for all the issues that were already surfacing. I've set a ton of boundaries, ended an extremely toxic friendship, started protecting my time, saying no, saying yes to what (and who) I truly love.

More grateful than I can articulate."

Erin S.  
WFTPW student, 2021

 "I am absolutely loving the course! It’s been great connecting weekly...I feel like I’ve come out of a weird haze that I didn’t even know I was in. But practicing self care & being more intentional has been showing up in big ways.  

It just feels like everything in my life is aligning so well right now. I didn’t realize how much it wasn’t. I love work like this because it’s crazy how quickly life can shift when you choose to show up for yourself... Saying “NO” to additional work or commitments that I don’t have the capacity for. It’s like the less I do the easier everything is. Who would’ve thought.

So thank you thank you! We all just need reminders and yours have been incredible"

Colleen C.
WFTPW student, 2021

"When I started Woo, I was in a really challenging time in my life—a loved one had just passed and I was flooded with work. The program opened a gateway to meet deep, uncomfortable parts of myself. There are so many tools offered that you can try and choose which work for you -- from guided meditations to the practical aspect of breaking things down so you can transform one small step at a time. Moving past limiting beliefs for me was a big one and that started with being honest with myself. Suset and Tiffany encouraged us to work at our own pace and follow our intuition. Since then, I've been much more accepting of life's chaos which has allowed me to flow.  I'm less concerned with to-do's and my worth is not associated with what I accomplish—rather HOW I move through the process. I would recommend Woo if you're ready to face what you've been ignoring."

Camille A.
WFTPW student, 2021

Because you know what? We’ve been there, a bunch of times.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck 
  • Experiencing  stagnation
  • Doubting our sense of worth 
  • Living intense stress and anxiety.
  • We know what chronic fatigue feels like. And it sucks.

And we have done the work to get ourselves out of the muck

  • Learning from experts, masters, teachers, mentors 
  • Seeking philosophies, spirituality, and all the yummy woo woo stuff  (including how to use the moon cycles to manifest a dream life)
  • Diving deep into solid evidence based methods (hello neuroplasticity),
  • We know what works and what doesn't
  • And now you have the opportunity to access the tools to help you thrive , in a loving, supportive community 

Meet Your Instructors 

Suset Laboy

Suset is an Empowerment Coach and the founder of A Little Awareness. Ivy League educated with a Ph.D. in the social sciences, Suset works with ambitious women whose enthusiasm has led them to success, but also burnout. She helps them quit the hustle mindset and bring ease into their life, a small step at a time.

Tiffany Grimm

Tiffany is a public speaker, accountability coach, founder of Mothers Moving Mountains and Director of Learning and Development for Exos. With a background in sports medicine and over 20 years in the wellness industry, Tiffany has a passion for women's health and performance and thrives on empowering others to see their greatness... Full bio here

Woo for the Practical Woman

Enroll Now (EARLY BIRD)

Early Bird ends on December 10th, 2021 at midnight (EST)



Three payments of



One-time payment of

Woo for the Practical Woman runs from
January 13th to March 17th, 2022.

Here's what you'll get:

(Value $500)
We are capping the course at 33 women to ensure we deliver an individualized experience that meets your needs.

We'll have a private community for 24/7 access and support, with worksheets, resources and more.


10 60-MINUTE
Group Calls
(Value $2500)

Calls will be full of teachings that combine spirituality and practical application. 

We’ll spend the first half of every other class discussing your experiences with the practices, supporting you in integrating the new learnings into your daily life.

You'll have access to a digital vault and a workbook full of valuable content, tools, strategies, and practices.

These include some of our clients' favorite and effective ways to get unstuck and build lasting change into their lives.


(Value $450)

We'll host a final bonus call two weeks after the end of the course to celebrate new wins and keep your momentum going.

During these two weeks, you will have continued access to all of the Woo Material for free.


One thing we have learned from our combined 40 years of experience developing and supporting others in developing the tools to get unstuck and thrive is that it does not happen in one sitting; it takes practice, compassion and sustained action. With WOO, we have designed a container of love that will hold you and support you through your journey. We ask participants to show up for themselves in the same way we commit to showing up for you. We understand that this work is not for everyone.

Here are six keys to success before you decide to enroll:

  1. STAY OPEN. Woo combines spiritual, mystical practices with practical, evidence based tools. Be open to what both areas have to offer.
  2. SHOW UP. While the program is fun and nourishing, it also requires time and actions. In our experience, showing up alone can be transformative. We ask that you commit to attending 80% of the live classes (1 hr/week). Calls will take place weekly on Thursday at 11 AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern, 7PM GMT. 
  3. STAY IN FLOW. Let's get real: how often do you take a program and actually watch the replays if you miss a call? We want to support you in doing just that. Can't make a call? Don't worry. You'll have an opportunity to catch the replay for 72 hours.
  4. COMPLETE THE EXERCISES. The one thing that will give you access to sustainable change is sustained practice. Before signing on, make sure you can make time to complete exercises to the best of your ability (1hr/week)
  5. HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE. Working in community and with accountability keeps us in powerful action. During the program, you will be assigned 1 accountability partner. Be willing to connect with them weekly (15 minutes/week).
  6. ENGAGE AND COMMIT. You will have many opportunities to engage during calls, with your accountability partner and also your private community within the student portal. Engage to the best of your ability and you will see lasting change happen (15 minutes/week)


"Woo for the Practical Woman was just what I needed to reset after a stressful year. It was both educational, fun and I loved connecting with likeminded women. Don't wait, run and join this program. You'll have a group of friends for life."


Michelle R.  
WFTPW student, 2021

"I just find it amazing the depth of information and tools that I now have to make positive changes in my life. What struck me the most at the beginning were diving into those limiting beliefs and really getting to the core of what is the problem and digging beyond that surface level. In the process I learned how much action it does take to make something a habit for me. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next!"

Maia S.
WFTPW student, 2021

"This course was incredibly inspiring, action packed and soul stirring. The journey has been illuminating into my nature and how best to move forward in action which is where I get stuck. I am currently working on developing my patience muscle and dissolving more limiting beliefs. Small steps is my mantra right now.  I have much to absorb and revisit. Thank you both and blessings as we all move forward towards our dreams."

Erika L.
WFTPW student, 2021


Let 2022 be the year when you choose to intentionally cross the threshold to take on life with grace and sovereignty, with fierce commitment to yourself.